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Testimonials: What our Clients have said

Tony Sowden


I have known James in a professional capacity for more than three years. In that time, I have observed James in his interactions with clients we have in common and have had the opportunity to review his advice on various occasions.

In my more than 30 years as a commercial lawyer, I have had numerous dealings with financial planners, mainly in regard to advice provided by them to third parties.

I have found James to be exceptional. His aptitude, acumen, depth of knowledge and attention to detail are exemplary and are matched in equal measure by his enthusiasm, diligence and all-round professionalism. I have had no qualms about referring my highly valued and long-standing clients to James, having such trust and confidence in James and his abilities that I have now engaged James myself.

Dr Leon Kondos


James became my financial adviser after being highly recommended by a business colleague. I cannot speak highly enough of James. His attributes as a financial adviser are many and varied. He is an extremely good listener. He is able to grasp complex business dealings quickly. Any information that is not available, he is like a bloodhound and leaves no stone unturned until all is at hand. He follows up relentlessly but in an affable way.

He quickly develops a very good working relationship with all members of the team. In my case, accountants, superannuation specialists, lawyers, banker and brokers. He communicates very well and regularly and if anything is not clear, he is always available to explain in detail and forward a written explanation.

His planning skills are beyond excellent. He assesses business plans and then offers all the various permutations with his evaluations as to which path is best and why the alternatives may have drawbacks. He is meticulous with his number crunching with short, medium and long-term outlooks. He makes complex decision making appear easy. As a busy General Practitioner, I would not have been able to progress my business dealings if I did not have James’ assistance. I have found James invaluable.

Johanna Townsley

Strategic Director, Pronamics

I have been a client of James’ for over seven years. Throughout this time James’ advice has been invaluable. Apart from the tangible financial benefits that we have received as a result of James’ advice, we have greatly valued having the ability to call James anytime to ask questions and seek his opinion before making important decisions. James’ advice extends well beyond the usual superannuation and investment advice that people generally expect to receive from a Financial Planner, and we believe that his experience and broad expertise is what differentiates him from other advisers.

We have proudly referred many friends, colleagues and family members to James over the years as we have no doubt that James will always provide them with honest, ethical and practical advice.

Michael Hoare

Managing Director, Money Hive

I have had a very long association with James. I’ve referred many clients to James over the years as I know, without doubt, that James will always provide the right advice and solutions for my clients. Unlike many financial planners that work for vertically aligned businesses, James isn’t focused on accumulating “Funds under Management”. Rather, James invests time to help clients evaluate their goals and appetite for risk and formulate strategies to achieve their goals without taking unnecessary risks. Many clients that I have referred to James have told me how pleasantly surprised they were after receiving James’ Statement of Advice and found that his advice/approach was completely different to the previous experiences with bank-aligned advisers.

Jan and Greg Cater

James, Greg and I would like to thank you for the ongoing advice and service that you provide to us. You probably underestimate your contribution to our piece of mind. Although Greg considers himself well read and knowledgeable about our financial matters, we are very satisfied to have your opinion and acute attention relating to our super and investment funds, particularly the changing rules and consequences. We feel you communicate your advice in a well prepared fashion that is global then specific. Your recommendations have been tailored to our agreed level of risk and we feel you understand us well.

Our ten year association with you has been valuable, and we speak highly of you when our friends and teaching colleagues ask about what financial planning we do. We are not anxious about our future and have retired with confidence. Greg appreciates your swift reply to his questions. We are very happy to continue to recommend you to our friends and previous colleagues.

Neil and Jenny Schiller

James has taken the worry away in regard to planning for retirement. He is managing our financial planning and his knowledge and planning have placed us in a far more positive position. With his advice, we have been able to do a number of projects which we have been unsure about doing, without compromising our long-term goals. James calls us in a couple of times a year to talk with us and he explains things very clearly and documents what is happening. We decide on adjustments together. If you need a financial planner you could do no better than to contact James Kenny at HSP Private Wealth.